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The Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Developer with Crystal Reports includes: Crystal Reports
Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Developer

Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Developer with Crystal Reports

If you work with large amounts of business data and need to create reports, then you need to know how to use SQL. This comprehensive online course will use SQL to write queries against Crystal Reports and how to write queries with SQL/PL against an Oracle database.

$1,995.00 (USD)
List Price: $2,190.00
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What you will learn

  • To work with reports and custom SQL statements
  • To connect to a data source
  • To select subsets of data and perform analysis
  • To format reports and share with others
  • Build applications or generate business reports using Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Master SQL using an Oracle database
  • Use PL/SQL extension language to write sophisticated queries against an Oracle database

How you will benefit

  • You will gain the skills to successfully and confidently work with Crystal Reports software
  • You will work with SQL and Crystal Reports to learn the basics through advanced concepts of Crystal Reports
  • Turn your passion for working with data into a profession by learning to write SQL queries
  • Prepare to enter the job market as an entry-level Oracle SQL Developer or to take on more responsibility in your current role
  • Set yourself apart in the job market by gaining a broad skill set that includes different BI specialties






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