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The Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Developer with Crystal Reports includes: Crystal Reports
Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Developer

Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Developer with Crystal Reports

If you work with large amounts of business data and need to create reports, then you need to know how to use SQL. This comprehensive online course will use SQL to write queries against Crystal Reports and how to write queries with SQL/PL against an Oracle database.

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  1. Crystal Reports
    1. Introduction to Crystal Reports
      1. Getting Acquainted with Crystal Reports
      2. Formatting Reports
      3. Working with Objects
      4. Filtering Reports
      5. Sorting and Grouping Reports
      6. Using Basic Formulas
      7. Advanced Formatting
      8. Exporting and Distribution
    2. Intermediate Crystal Reports
      1. Crystal Reports Review
      2. Using Parameters
      3. Using Subreports
      4. Charts
      5. Cross-Tabulation Reports
      6. Advanced Techniques
      7. Report Alerts
    3. Introduction to SQL
      1. Relational Database Basics
      2. Simple SELECTs
      3. Advanced SELECTs
      4. Subqueries, Joins, and Unions
    4. Advanced Crystal Reports
      1. Crystal Reports Review
      2. Working with SQL
      3. Advanced Functions
      4. Geographic Mapping
    5. Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Developer
      1. Oracle SQL
      2. Relational Database Basics
      3. Creating Tables
      4. Basic Selects
      5. Oracle SQL Functions
      6. Aggregate Functions
      7. Joins
      8. Subqueries
      9. Set Operators
      10. Conditional Processing with CASE
      11. Data Manipulation Language
      12. Creating Views
    6. Oracle PL/SQL
      1. PL/SQL Basics
      2. Subprograms
      3. Conditional Processing
      4. Exceptions
      5. Cursors
      6. Packages
      7. Triggers
    7. Oracle SQL Developer Final Project





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