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PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®

The PMI-ACP® spans many approaches to agile such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, extreme programming (XP), and test-driven development (TDD). It will increase your versatility, wherever your projects may take you.

$1,695.00 (USD)




  1. Intro to the PMI-ACP
    1. Terminology and exam content outline review
    2. Knowledge and skills area overview
    3. The Agile Manifesto
    4. Empirical Process Control
  2. Domain I: Agile Principles and Mindset
    1. Overview of Agile Methodologies
    2. Scrum
    3. Extreme Programming
    4. Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)
    5. Lean Product/Software Development
    6. Kanban
    7. Feature Driven Development (FDD)
    8. Crystal Methods
    9. Adaptive Software Development (ASD)
    10. Developing a Successful Mindset
  3. Domain II: Value Driven Delivery
    1. ROI and Benefit Measurement Methods
    2. Earned Value
    3. Key Performance Indicators
    4. The Gulf of Misunderstanding
    5. Dot Voting or Multi-Voting
    6. MoSCoW
    7. Monopoly Money
    8. 100-Points
    9. Kano Analysis
    10. Customized Procurement
  4. Domain III: Stakeholder Engagement
    1. Charters and Agile Projects
    2. Techniques of Pre-Project Engagement
    3. The Definition of Done
    4. Agile Knowledge Sharing and Communication
    5. Interpersonal skills
    6. Conflict Resolution
    7. Adaptive Leadership
  5. Domain IV: Team Performance
    1. Tuckman's Ladder
    2. Shu-Ha-Ri and Skill Mastery
    3. Dreyfus Model:5 stages of skill acquisition
    4. Collaborative Working Environments
    5. Osmotic Communication
    6. Team and Individual Coaching
    7. Velocity tracking
    8. Burn Down and Burn Up Charts
  6. Domain V: Adaptive Planning
    1. Iteration Zero
    2. Analyzing Based on Business Value
    3. Timeboxing
    4. Epics, Features and User Stories
    5. Story Mapping
    6. Relative Sizing
    7. Planning Poker
    8. Sprint Calculations
    9. Iterations and Spikes
    10. Initial Velocity Planning
  7. Domain VI: Problem Detection and Resolution
    1. The Cost of Changes
    2. Refactoring
    3. Lead, Cycle Time and WIP
    4. Determining Defects
    5. Common and Special Causes
    6. Risk Adjusted backlog
    7. Risk Burndown Charts
  8. Domain VII: Continuous Improvement
    1. Process Tailoring
    2. Cycle Time and Value Streams
    3. Value Stream Mapping
    4. Total Cycle Time and Process Efficiency
    5. Continuous Product Improvement
    6. Intraspectives and Retrospectives





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