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Certified AWS Cloud Practitioner Solutions Architect (Vouchers Included)

This course is intended for IT professionals who would like to better understand AWS Cloud concepts, core AWS services, Solutions Architects and Solution Design Engineers.

Certified-AWS-Cloud-Practitioner-and-Solutions Architect
$4,095.00 (USD)




  1. Course Overview and AWS Introduction
    1. Introduction to AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Course and Exam Objectives
    2. Introducing AWS and the Cloud
    3. AWS Well-Architected Framework
    4. The AWS Global Architecture (Regions, Availability Zones, and Edge Locations)
    5. AWS Pricing, Billing, Support Plans and Dashboards
    6. Accessing AWS Resources
  2. AWS Compute
    1. Amazon EC2
    2. EC2 Scaling and Load Balancing
    3. Amazon ECS, EKS, and Fargate
    4. AWS Lambda
    5. Elastic BeanStalk
  3. AWS Databases
    1. Database Overview and RDS
    2. Amazon Elasticache
    3. DynamoDB
    4. DocumentDB
    5. Amazon Redshift
    6. Amazon Neptune
  4. AWS Storage
    1. Instance and EBS Storage
    2. EFS, FSx for Windows and FSx for Lustre
    3. Simple Storage Service (S3)
    4. AWS Storage Gateway
  5. AWS Networking
    1. VPC Overview and Subnets
    2. VPC Internet Connectivity, Routing, and NAT
    3. VPC Security Groups and ACLs
    4. VPNs and Direct Connect
    5. CloudFront, Global Accelerator and Route53
    6. API Gateway
  6. AWS Messaging, Migration, and Translation
    1. SQS
    2. SNS and SES
    3. Snowcone, Snowball, Snowmobile
    4. AWS DataSync, AWS Transfer, AWS Database Migration Service
    5. AWS Translate and Transcribe
  7. Security
    1. Security Overview, IAM Users and Groups
    2. Permissions and Policies
    3. IAM Roles, Identity Federation and Cognito
    4. KMS, Secrets Manager, AWS Organizations and Compliance
    5. AWS WAF, Shield, Inspector, Macie, and GuardDuty
  8. Monitoring and Maintenance
    1. CloudWatch, CloudWatch Logs, and CloudWatch Events
    2. CloudTrail and Trusted Advisor
  9. Course Overview and the AWS Global Infrastructure
    1. Introduction to AWS Architect Associate Course and Exam Objectives
    2. Regions, Availability Zones, and Edge Locations
  10. Compute
    1. EC2: Overview, Architecture, and Pricing
    2. EC2: Launching and Accessing a Linux and Windows Server
    3. EC2: AMIs and Instance Types
    4. EC2: Instance Store, EBS, EFS, FSx
    5. EC2: IP addressing, Network Interfaces, Security Groups and Placement Groups
    6. EC2: Auto Scaling
    7. EC2: Load Balancers
    8. ECS: Overview
    9. Serverless: Lambda
    10. Serverless: API Gateway
  11. Databases
    1. Databases: Overview
    2. RDS: Overview, Instances, Storage, Encryption and Backups
    3. RDS: Multi-AZ, and Read Replicas
    4. RDS: Amazon Aurora
    5. Elasticache: Overview
    6. DynamoDB: Overview
    7. Redshift: Overview
  12. Networking
    1. VPC: Overview, and VPC Subnets
    2. VPC: Internet Connectivity, Routing, and NAT
    3. VPC: Security Groups and ACLs
    4. VPC: VPNs, Direct Connect, Peering, Transit Gateways, and Endpoints
    5. CloudFront and Global Accelerator
    6. Route53
  13. Storage and Migration
    1. Storage: Overview and Review
    2. Storage: S3 Introduction, Storage Classes, Lifecyle Policies, and Static Websites
    3. Storage: S3 Security, Integrity, and Replication
    4. Storage: Storage Gateway and AWS Backup
    5. Migration: Snowcone, Snowball and Snowmobile
    6. Migration: AWS DataSync, AWS Transfer, AWS Database Migration Service
  14. Application Integration and Customer Engagement
    1. SQS, SNS, SES, Amazon MQ
  15. Security
    1. IAM: Users, Groups, Policies
    2. IAM: Temporary Credentials, Roles, Password Policies
    3. KMS and HSM
    4. Amazon Inspector, Macie, GuardDuty
    5. AWS Certificate Manager. Secrets Manager, WAF, Shield
  16. Monitoring and Management
    1. Amazon CloudWatch
    2. AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config
    3. AWS Organizations and AWS Resource Groups
    4. AWS Billing and Cost Management





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